GDPR Center of Excellence

Information Hub for GDPR compliance in
the cloud and emerging technologies

Issues with GDPR?!


  • …is a game changer
  • … requires privacy by design
  • …is global

…raises a lot of questions

  • What impact will the regulation pose to my company?
  • How to implement the requirements of GDPR?
  • How do I get my cloud service GDPR compliant?


  • The GDPR Center of Excellence bundles knowledge from cloud experts and acts as a single point of entry for everything around GDPR in the world.
  • The GDPR Center of Excellence provides as an Information Hub provides you with tools, services, best practices, and other important resources to comply with GDPR.


Learn how we can support you with GDPR compliance

Our provided services and resources

CSA GDPR Code of Conduct

CSA Code of Conduct for GDPR Compliance provides a consistent and comprehensive framework for complying with the EU’s GDPR.

GDPR Resource Center

In the resource center you’ll find different resources like methods, white papers, webinars, webcasts etc. that deal with GDPR and/or related topics in order to deal with GDPR and maintain compliance.

Working Groups

Be part of the thought leader discussions addressing GDPR compliance related issues and stay up to date to current trends.


Increase your level of knowledge about GDPR as well as security knowledge.


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